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Information and Communication Technology

Almost every career now involves using ICT and whatever career you have in future, it is almost certain that you will find the knowledge you gain on this course very useful.

The ability to feel at ease with ICT is very essential in today's work place. MONTECH offers students an opportunity to focus on essential ICT SKILLS from simple Word Processing to complex website design and to develop both confidence and creativity in order to exploit the potential of ICT to the full

In the employment sector, ICT enables organisations to operate more efficiently, so employing staff with ICT skills is vital to the smooth running of any business. Being able to use ICT systems effectively allows employees more time to concentrate on areas of their job role that require soft skills .

Students develop an understanding of the implications of technology in society and the ways Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can help at home, work and the wider world. Through practical and theoretical studies, students solve problems using a variety of common software such as word processors and interactive presentation software.

Learners will analyse, design, implement, test and evaluate ICT systems, making sure that they are fit for purpose. There is an emphasis on developing lifelong skills, which are essential across the curriculum and their future career.

ICT Skills All Employees Should Have

Some job roles need a higher level of ICT skills than others. For example, many jobs within the IT and technology sectors will require specialist ICT skills such as web development, system administration and ICT integration.

Here is a list of the top five ICT skills all employees should have:

  1. Basic Operation of ICT Hardware – Including printers, scanners, photocopiers, smartphones, tablets and projectors.

  2. Safe Internet Usage – Such as using search engines for research purposes or updating company social media accounts.

  3. Typing– The ability to use a word processing program (such as Microsoft Word) to create letters, agendas and minutes. In some roles (such as medical or legal secretarial work), audio transcription skills will be required.

  4. Document Creation– The ability to use software (such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher or Adobe Creative) to produce professional documents like PowerPoint presentations, letters, leaflets or posters.

  5. Email and Calendar Management – The ability to use an email solution (such as Microsoft Outlook) to communicate with internal and external contacts, keep calendars up to date, and book meetings. In some specialist ICT roles, employees will need an in-depth knowledge of email systems, to create and manage user accounts.


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