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AutoCAD Courses

AutoCAD is the leading computer drafting program used by architects, engineers, and graphic designers today. AutoCAD drawings are not for aesthetic design; professionals use AutoCAD to create technical drawings that demonstrate how something functions or how it should be built. AutoCAD drawings are used for blueprints, mechanical drawings, floor plans, site plans, electrical diagrams, elevations, and more.  Our AutoCAD classes range from beginning to advanced, each introducing an increasingly complex set of tools and techniques to develop students' drafting skills.

Our AutoCAD Courses courses are instructor-led

AutoCAD Level I

Master basic tools for drawing, editing, and printing with AutoCAD. Learn the fundamentals of inserting blocks, using text for annotations, and using advanced object types.

This introductory course provides students with a strong foundation of basic AutoCAD skills. Beginner AutoCAD covers printing and plotting layouts and sheets, working between model space and paper space, and scaling drawings through viewports. Students will learn how to insert blocks, make text, create dimensional drawings, and work with layers and templates. There is no prerequisite requirement for this class.

What You’ll Learn

  • Basic tools for drawing and editing with precision
  • Using layers for organizing your drawing
  • Inserting blocks and using advanced object types
  • Using text to annotate your drawing
  • Setting up layouts and printing your drawing

AutoCAD Level II

Develop your technique and precision in using the AutoCAD interface to complete more complex projects. In the intermediate course, you'll learn how to effectively create quality templates and layouts for printing using advanced layering, styling and blocking techniques. 

This intermediate level class builds upon fundamental skills and guides students through creating more advanced and technical AutoCAD projects. Students will learn how to create templates with defined layouts for printing sheets by setting units, drawing limits, and using scales. Students also learn how to use the interface to complete advanced layer and block techniques.

What You’ll Learn

  • Working with tracking points and construction lines
  • Create, edit, store, insert, and export blocks
  • Customize layers in layout viewports for sheets
  • Advanced Interface techniques
  • Work with External References
  • Create Data Tables

AutoCAD Level III

Our Advanced AutoCAD course prepares students to execute advanced AutoCAD projects from start to finish. Topics include annotation, dynamic blocks and attributes, collaboration and publishing, and customization. 

Our Advanced AutoCAD course prepares students to execute advanced AutoCAD projects from start to finish. Topics include annotation, dynamic blocks and attributes, collaboration and publishing, and customization. Students will become adept at recognizing and using the best tool for each specific task, as well as creating new tools to accomplish tasks more efficiently.

What You’ll Learn

  • Use text objects and tables to annotate projects 
  • Incorporate dynamic blocks and attributes
  • Explore a variety of tools for collaboration
  • Publish and customize sheet sets 
  • Customize the user interface and create custom tools, macros and routines
    • A hands-on learning experience working on projects and exercises, which is proven to boost comprehension, retention, and engagement
    • Expert instructors who are industry professionals and experienced educators that are driven to help you succeed
    • Top-notch curricula that have been tried and tested over many cohorts and are consistently improved for an optimal learning experience
    • Supplemental materials to assist both during and after the course - please refer to specific course pages to see what supplemental materials are offered
    • Free materials and gain additional practice
    • A certificate of completion to verify your accomplishment

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Class Timings

Monday – Friday: 07:00AM – 08:00PM
Saturday: 08:00AM – 01:00PM
Sunday: Closed

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