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3D Animation

In our 3D animation course you will design and produce a portfolio of the work you have done during your studies at Montech Training Centre which will enable prospective employers to gauge your abilities and talent.


About the course

This 3D animation course provides comprehensive training for the graduate who would like to enter into the professional industry of animation. You will be intensively trained in all aspects of production, from illustration to 3D production – making you highly marketable.

By the time you finish the course, you will have learnt everything there is to know about the industry and will have a thorough understanding of what it takes to be a successful 3D artist.

Qualified learners can be employed in multi-media production, 3D digital design, education, television and video production (including digital special effects) as well as specialist 3D and visual effects production facilities.

We pride ourselves on our unique, mentoring approach to teaching that helps guide and grow our students as both designers and people. Our collaborative, studio-style classrooms also give you a taste of the professional environment you’ll be entering into, while encouraging strong friendship bonds and a culture of ongoing, passion-driven learning.  

Your journey with us will be filled to the brim with brain-stretching challenges and knowledge, and our supportive environment ensures you’ll leave our halls equipped to do much more than just wow the industry – you’ll be ready for life. 

Modules in 3d Animation

What does a 3D animator do?

Apart from creating lifelike animations, a 3D animator fulfils many day-to-day activities. Some of the typical job duties of these professionals are:

  • Using design software to create animated images, graphics, animated characters and motion graphics

  • Researching about the project to get animation ideas

  • Using storyboards to develop motion graphics or scenes that require animation

  • Listening to feedback and altering animations to suit client requirements

  • Presenting the final animated piece to the client for seeking approval

  • Using artistic techniques and creativity to provide information in a visually compelling manner adjusting colours, shadows and lighting to give the lifelike appearance to animated creatures

integrating client's feedback in the design element

  • Communicating and collaborating with other design professionals to create a product as per design requirement

  • Creating animation using computer-generated imagery (CGI)

  • Meeting with clients to understand their 3D animation requirement

  • Creating storyboards for shooting and editing videos

Work environment of a 3D animator

When working as a 3D animator, you are likely to spend most of your day working in an office environment. If you specialise in designing 3D characters, you can work in diverse industries like advertising agencies, film and video production, TV stations, graphic design firms, web design firms. You may teach at colleges or universities.

Many 3D animators may work from home as freelancers. 3D animators who work full time typically work in a nine-to-five job. Based on the project's deadline, they may work overtime or on weekends. A 3D animator may meet creative directors and clients to determine the project's scope, budget, goals and time frame.

Skills of a 3D animator

Some skills required to excel as a 3D animator are:

  • Artistic skills: Employers prefer candidates with artistic skills because such candidates have an instinct for style, colour and animation that suits the client's requirement. They use their artistic skills to transform everyday objects into 3D objects.

  • Creativity: Creative 3D animators are the one what make their motion graphic or images memorable and enjoyable for their audience. Using their creativity skills, they use imagery that captures the audience's attention.

  • Collaboration skills: Most animation-related projects are multidisciplinary and require a 3D animator to work collaboratively with colleagues from different departments. They may work collaboratively with scriptwriters, producers, film directors, visual effect specialists or musicians.

  • Organisational skills: These professionals can multi-task to manage various aspects of an animation project, from managing the colour to lighting and background of motion graphics. Organisation is a crucial skill for accomplishing goals and efficiently managing time.

  • Critical thinking: Critical thinking helps a 3D animator understand the creative direction of a project. This skill set helps you visualise the final product even before you create it.

  • Patience: Mastering every tiny detail of a 3D animation is a time-consuming process and requires patience. When you work on your first project, even a 10-second-long animation clip may take several days to reach perfection.

  • Proficiency in texturing and lightning: Providing the right texture and light to graphics can help them look more realistic. Proficiency in visual effects is essential to become an expert and deliver 3D animation that people remember for a long time.

  • Proficiency in design software: 3D animators use specialised software to transform 2D objects into 3D graphics. The ability to use the latest and commonly used design software is essential for a rewarding career.



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Class Timings

Monday – Friday: 07:00AM – 08:00PM
Saturday: 08:00AM – 01:00PM
Sunday: Closed

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